Friday, April 11, 2008

I brought this unfinished piece at a church carboot sale it had belonged to one of the parishoners, when she died the family gave a lot of her unfinished things to the church.Another lady was looking at it she offered $5 as it "was only good for cutting up for tea cosies"!!!!! I leapt in & offered $10 its not at all my taste either design or colourwise but I couldn't let it get cut up. It is quite happy at my house folded over the back of the chair one day I will applique,it as it is,onto a plain backing.

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Catherine said...

What a lucky find Claire! I made a paper pieced quilt for my first quilt when i was about 14. Cant believe i let the dog have it in her basket when she was a puppy and she chewed it to pieces. Arghh!