Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Love the Op shops

Went to my fav local church Op shop today got a cotton dressing gown,a plaid shirt,Pj's,2 baby sheets & 3 zips for $5.00.This is the dressing gown when it arrived home.......

and this is what it became a couple of hours later...I wanted a big tote to fit a quilt in progress.

The little bag I made yesterday


Kim said...

Great tote! You gals in Australia always amaze me with your Op Shop purchases and your inventiveness! I never seem to find anything "good" at the thrift stores, but maybe I need to try harder!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Love your tote bag - great use of a repuposed dressing gown!

Thanks for stopping by our blog - sorry you weren't able to leave a comment!

The IKEA store in Perth has recently relocated and is now selling a good range of fabric (mainly furnishing weight) and is all 100% cotton and well priced. Sarah's Oven Mitts are only available in childrens sizes as this is where she saw a need a in the market. Have a great weekend, Lisa