Monday, April 14, 2008

Meet the Family

No quilty stuff today.......been at thought I would introduce you to the family,me & hubby(Ben) Eldest daughter Whitney (blonde) youngest daughter Kayla (dark)
I work in the Kitchen at my local hospital,my husband is a painter(houses)Whitney is a tattooist & Kayla is studying to be a youth worker(in Drugs,alcohol & mental health) So thats us the pic was taken at Whitneys 21st.


Leanne said...

Hi just came across your blog via highland quilter. Read your profile it's like a check list for me with a few changes.
Adelaide tick
married tick
2 daughter well sort of 1 daughter 1 son
18 & 21 tick
but I trump you here we have 2 very spoilt Jack Russels
Have a great day.

Katy said...

Hi! Can you email me your address so I can get partners for the swap....katyejones at hotmail dot com.

I am so impressed you have a tattooist for a daughter - that's so cool!!!!