Friday, April 18, 2008


Today was my quilting day happens every 2nd Friday... I always book it off work...I said on Monday"cant work Fri Quilting"..... its the only day I get a sleepin...till 8o' why did the phone ring at 6:10am asking me to work.....cos I wasn't signed off....bye bye sleepin :(

Still quilting was good lots of laughs,food,chat oh & a bit of quilting.. but now its only 9:30 & i'm yawning....oh well its only 13 days till my next sleepin

( I get up at 5:00am usually so 8:00am is late )

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Kitty said...

Hi - Thanks for dropping by my blog. Sorry you couldn't leave a comment - Blogger wouldn't let me leave a comment on a blog earlier, but when I went back an hour later it was fine. Very odd.

Anyway, I wanted to say thank you for the email and kind words. I've had a good look at your blog and you look to be too talented by half! I look forward to seeing more of your quilting - it's beautiful.

Take care :-)