Thursday, May 29, 2008

My First Giveaway

I have decided to have a giveaway,I know its not a special blog like my 50th or
100th or even my 20th so lets call it my late 10th!! I sent a magazine to Sylvia(no blog)who wasn't able to get it in her area & she very kindly sent me a Natalie Ross-In Stitches- pattern but being a Christmas freak I already had it,so with her permission I am going to offer it to the blogging world with a few added extras from my stash, so if you would like Santa & accessories please leave me a comment & mention it on your blog. I will draw it on 8th June so as to give new traffic a chance plus gives me more time to add to the surprise!!:)
(edited: meant to post the 8th of June for the drawing not the 1st SORRY!!)

Pattern with stuff hidden behind love surprises!!

I have started a major clear out so will have more to give away soon.If you like cloth dolls I have some Boyd ones that I don't want any more but won't give to the Op-Shop, so they will probably be next.

I have been spurred onto a big clean out by starting to clean out all my eldest daughters stuff,her boyfriend is from Wales and has decided to go back & she is going with him. This has all happened in the last 3 weeks he was going to be here till Sept but his boss sacked him on Tues so he will be going sometime very soon Whitney has to wait for her passport then she will be off, as you can imagine it has all been a big shock and I havent had much time to get my head around it but it is a very good oppertunity for them both so how can you say no ( not that it would make any difference she is 21!!)So we are now trying to make room for all his stuff that needs shipping, wish me luck!!.


Leanne said...

How exciting for your daughter... Wales is a beautiful place.

Fiona @ Dragonfly-Crafts said...

Hello QuiltyGal, just saw your comment on Trudi's blog that you were new. Nice to meet you. What a kind giveaway Syliva has given you. You could say it is a Pay It Forward for you.
Hope to see you again.
Fee xx

gertie said...

Another great blog to add to my favourites!And what a generous giveaway too. I'm a bit of a Christmas nut too and have some Christmas projects in the queue of "things to do" this year. I look forward to visiting your blog often!

Dawn said...

Oh how I love Christmas too, just wish it was colder (here in Adelaide),love your blog, will visit again.
Quilty hugs to you,

Mad about Craft said...

Thank you for visiting my blog.

Please add my name to your give away

Laila said...

Hi. Tanks for visiting my blog. I will tell aboth your giveaway when I blogg next. Please add me in your give away.I love christmas. ;-)
You have a great blog-I will be back.

Levin (and Emily) said...

your weekend away looked fabulous. we used to go to carrickalinga often as a friend had a holiday house there. it's a lovely spot.
here's to more quilting weekends away.
are you going to the morning tea at hettie's patch on 15th june?

Stephanie Pettengell said...

Just found your blog, brilliant, I am going to delve into past posts now, thanks,

Lorraine said...

thanks for stopping by my blog....I have visited you a couple of times before and loved the pics from your weekend of the girls I stitch with has a house on YP and we have been there for a weekend - tough to find a time that suits everyone tho....!!! Wow - you will miss your daughter....but Wales is a lovely place - I work with a guy from Wales and they go back on a regular basis..funny they came out to Aus whent their kids were young and now both kids have careers and are going back to live there!....leaving Mum and Dad behind! I have been thinking seriously about going to the morning tea at Hetties...might see you there! Thanks for the comments about my swap quilt...It was such fun to do...and I just hope the person receiving it likes it!

Anonymous said...

Hello,Just found your blog. Loved the quilt that is turned into a table runner. Very bright and happy. You must be pleased that a UFO is completed.
Bev C

corry said...

Thanks for your visit! I love the stitcheries for the babyquilt and the fabric to go with it is gorgeous sweet!

sbonetsue said...

I was just poking around and found your blog, great job! It is so generous to share a giveaway to us out in cyberspace. Please throw my name in the hat. (sbonetsue at yahoo dot com)

Stina said...

Can´t resist lovely giveaways...sooo please count me in... and thanks for stopping by at my place...seem to have lost you in cyberspace somewhere...;D
Wow...Wales...that is very far away!!!

Kitty said...

Phew - got here in time for the giveaway! Thanks for the tip-off ;-) Life has been busy here, hence me being AWOL, but trying to get back into Blogland again now.

That's a lovely picture of your daughter and her chap - I hope they have a very happy life together in Wales.

Take care. x

Inger said...

Hello. Your babyquilt seems to be very nice. This is my first visit at your blog, and I will come back later. I hope that your doughter and her boyfriend have a good life in Wales.

May Britt said...

I've now added you to my bloglines and will be back to see more. Your baby stitcheries are so cute. And of course I want to join your giveaway. Christmas is my favorite season and I really need a new santa :)

Marnie said...

Just found your blog from a post on Laila's ( she left a comment in this post) blog. love all your quilty stuff- great blog!

Kerry said...

Hi quiltygal,
what a greatgiveaway, please put in my entry, I might be lucky one day. Your baby quilt is lovely.

chook said...

Hi quiltygal
I love the pattern in your giveaway
so enter me in the draw please
Hugs Beth

Marica said...

Of course I´ll bee on your giveaway, so you can counte me in..

Have a nice weekend!