Thursday, May 15, 2008

Quilty weekend

I am off for a long weekend with my quilting group we are going to a place called Carrickalinga which is near Victor Harbor, we have a house on the beach. We spend the weekend in our pj's eating, laughing & of course quilting. So hope you all have a good weekend 'cos I surely will :))


Lesley said...

Hey Quiltygal!! Thanks for visiting my blog :)
In answer to your question, I have a friend who teaches in a Gosport secondary school. I work as an Education Outreach Officer running Recycling Programmes in primary schools and one of my target areas is Gosport - I'll have to keep an eye out for signs of inbreeding!!!!

Lesley xx

Lesley said...

p.s. hope you have a great weekend :)


Helz said...

Hello There Quiltygal! Thanks for dropping by my Blog - Envious Azz of your Quilting Getaway by the Beach - How Awesome... Just Luv Whitney's 21st Quilt with the Shasiko Quilting.