Monday, June 2, 2008

Flight Booked

So Whitneys boyfriend Nathan has booked his flight, he leaves next Tuesday, things are really moving now it will be a busy week for everyone we will be packing crates for shipping for the next few days!! its all getting real now I am going to start saving as soon as Whitney leaves ( with the price of flights I'll need to) I figure that as i'm going all that way I might have to go via Norway or Sweden & perhaphs come back via USA emmmmm sounds good to me. Thought I should include a pic of the travellers.

Managed to get into my sewing room today (past all the boxes!!) I didn't get to do anything I wanted but managed to get all the pieces for a Crazy patch sewn down I will spend tonight embroidering it.The patch is for another 21st quilt in our group it is all in cream with a picture of the girl in the middle of each block,we are making 9 blocks,some of the ladies had their blocks finished at quilting on friday(showoffs!!)it is starting to look good.Hopefully I can get the baby blocks sewn next.

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