Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Swap update

Well I'm so organised I'm amazing myself!!!
( those who know me well will be amazed too)

Here is an update on my swap progress'

A: Pincushion Swap finished & posted.

B: Russian Doll Swap 90% finished hope to have it done by the weekend

C: Cupcake & Tea Swap All ready to start when B is finished.

Mind you we won't talk about all the other ufos I have here!! So my question is when does a Wisp become a UFO ?? is 15yrs a good time (lol)

So 'cos I can't put a pic of the pincushion on yet I'll show you 4 blocks I made end of last year Its the
Country Whig Rose
from Kim Diehls book
Simple Blessings


OzRose said...

Looking good!!..and so organised to boot!!!! LOL

Leanne said...

Well done on the organisational(is that a word) skills. Good question on wisp /UFO

Helz said...

Organised now there's a word that most assuredly is not used in the same sentence as My Name... Way to Go!

Kris said...

Show-off! I love those 4 blocks you posted too!

OzRose said...

Will pick you up Thursday. Probably around 6.30ish C U Then

Jo Jo said...

You are doing well!! Love the blocks too. Jo x

Lilly said...

Sounds like you have everything under control! Must be nice. Love the blocks you showed. I finished the little stitchery you let me use. I think it turned out well. Thanks again. TTFN......Lilly

Levin (and Emily) said...

wow - those blocks are amazing.
and you are very organised. i always leave everything to the last minute which does nothing for my stress levels. lol

gertie said...

15 years- I can beat that! I recently finished a stitchery that I started before I was married. It was going to be a cushion to go on our bed. With one thing and another (running out of thread 'cause my cat ate it!) it didn't get done and I nearly threw it out in our last move but something made me keep it. Pulled it out again a few months ago and within 48 hours had a beautiful cushion- only 17 years late!