Sunday, August 31, 2008

Whitneys picture

This is a picture Whitney (eldest daughter) did for Nathans (her man) sister & partner who have just had a baby boy his name is Elan meaning tree in Hebrew, they were living in a tent on their block waiting for their house to be finished so that is where he was born ...good job its summer over there!! the picture is done in pastels & the photo was taken before it was cleaned up so no the smudges didn't stay :)


loulee1 said...


Best wishes to the little man.

Debbie said...

Awesome!!!! What a wonderful picture and gift.



Katy said...

wow - it's beautiful!!!

chook said...

oh wow what a beautiful gift
hugs Beth

Leanne said...

Tell Whitney she is a very talented girl ...what a lovely gift.

Lorraine said...

What a clever girl....obviously takes after her Mum!! .....and the bag swap.....nice!! I finished mine last night, but don't really like is too in front and back and no base really.....I will mull over it for a while and see if I like it any more over the next few days...might make something else to send instead.....!

OzRose said...

Lovely pic Whitney :) They should be happy with it. I have held the little fella - he is quite tiny. Re the summer here - ummmmm not quite!!!!
And as for the Isle of Wight! hohum!!!
See ya later alligator:)
Love Ausrose

Levin (and Emily) said...

that picture is amazing.
imagine giving birth in a tent. sounds like an amazing birth story to tell later!!!

MYRA said...

Wow! You have a very talented artist there!

Lizzan said...

Ohh what a beautiful gift!