Sunday, November 23, 2008

Pay it forward

So I have at last found a PAY IT FORWARD that I was not too late for!! I joined over at Bevs

So here are the rules

You have to make something for the first three people who leave a comment
You must have a blog
You must be willing to pass it onto three more people

You (And of course me) have 365 days to make & post to your recipients.

So please leave me a comment & the first 3 will-in time- receive a piece of
(hopefully) quilty/crafty goodness from moi!!

If you miss out here head on over to Bevs as she is still wanting another 2 people as of this time....

Got a fair bit done over the past few days at home I had to make 2 Kris Kringles so 1 is done & the 2nd half way through..also made a pencil roll for a Xmas present so quite a productive weekend ....


Katy said...

oooh, am I first? YAY!!!!

Abbybeth said...

I'd love to be part of this too ...

linéa said...

I hope I'll be yout third choice.
You promised me 365 days so I think I'll manage.
Big Hugh
The swedish