Saturday, March 21, 2009

Help Needed

Can any of you nice bloggers out there help me...???.....I saved this button as I am making one of these quilts but although I thought I had saved the blog it came from I can't find it ...the blogger had thrown out a challenge to blogland to make one so its her blog I need ....any help gratefully received....

Eited :Ok so thanks to Eve & Dawn I was able to link through their links & found the blog it is orangeflowersketchbook

I have linked the button above to the flickr group so you can go & see all the quilts.


Eve said...

According to this blog ,
it is this blog you are looking for though i cannot find any mention of coin quilt there.
Hope this helps

Dawn said...

also on here to
hope this helps.
I am also doing a Chinese coin quilt but not with a group. It will be lovely to see all the interpretations of it.
Hugs Dawn x

Anne-Lise said...

Hi there Quiltygal
Glad you got the help you needed.
I love the bags you show on this site. Will be back to "see" you again. Have a nice day.