Monday, December 7, 2009


Had a LOVELY parcel in the mail last week Secret Santa Swap parcel in fact....been hanging out for this as last year mine did not turn up

as you can see I got two this year !!

This year we had to include an ornament ....mine is a beautiful heart,love,love it

It came all the way from NORWAY !!

But from whom I still do not know ....Will have to wait till Christmas Day I guess....

So if you are lurking around my SSS mate ...thankyou so much I will wait till I am meant to...but it will be hard.....

Managed to get a bit more done on the baby quilt arrived last week a bit early so I have decided to machine quilt it so there was a bit of this

and now a bit of this

do you love this backing...I know the baby was a boy but this is a op shop sheet and is soooo soft just the perfect piece......and anyway who says boys can not have flowers???


OzRose said...

Hey Quilty Gal, I had God Jul stuff last year...would be funny if it was the same person I had!!! lol
Got mine yesterday from the good old USofA!!!
See you Friday.

linéa said...

Hi! Love the heart, wondering whats in that parcel.:-) Hope everything is well. Your baby quilt looks sp cosy and cute.
Hugh from Sweden

Leanne said...

It is nice when your SSCS arrives safe and sound. I wonder how many people have been naughty and had a peek.