Sunday, January 10, 2010

A New Years Crafting.....

Well here we are at the beginning of another year with all that crafting time stretching ahead of us.....when I looked back over 2009 I realised that I wasted a lot of time that I could of used sewing

I bet we all think like that??

So I sat down and looked at when I had some wasted time that I could put to better use & guess what

I found some!

in the job that I do I work a few different shifts

the basic one is 6:30am-3:30pm so with that by the time I get home & sort out washing tea etc there is not much left so these days the only sewing I get done is in front of the telly at night so this will be used for any stitchery projects & my hexagons....

the other one is 6:00-2:30 again only a half hour difference so same as above....

I also do a 9:30am-6:00pm shift & this is where I found some free space....

on thursday I got up with hubby when he left for work (5:30) & started as if I was going to work early

I had to take DD to wark at 6am but was back by 6:30

so by 7:am I was in the sewing room getting organised

I spent an hour cutting strips for the next baby quilt that I have to do

one of the other shifts that I do as a relief on the girls day off is only 5 hrs 6:30-11:30

this happened on Saturday so I spent Saturday afternoon in the sewing room which is right in front of the aircon :)

watching the tennis sewing these

They are sitting on the sewing machine awaiting the next step which will happen today again while watching the Tennis

So hopefully by tonight I will have the top finished!! & the baby isnt due till March so maybe this one will be done before the baby arrives!!

Plus I decided that 2010 will involve no impulse fabric buying

I am saving hard for our trip to Wales in september so dont want to buy anything unless it is necessary..wadding etc

so this was all pulled from my stash...

Friday was our fortnightly quilting get-together & was at my house... I worked on my Hexagons....

I also got my Gail Pan BOm put together
I was on my own for most of Dec 26th as hubby worked so sat in my sewing room and got stuck in
so it was really done for Xmas !!

This is destined as a pressie for overseas

I did receive some fabric this week

its ok I ordered it before Xmas as my pressie

I will post that next time

its absolutly yummy and I have already picked the pattern I will do with it

but you will have to wait to see it as I am off to brave the heat and get some food in

its Hubbys birthday today and he wants Garlic Prawns

plus I realised after my cutting session on Thursday that I need a new blade for my rotary cutter

so wish me luck I think its already 100 out there!!!


Lorraine said...

Hope you survived your shopping expedition! I am not shifting far from the A/C today....and will be at work tomorrow so luckily don't have to be outside in the heat.....I have some stitching to do today...and will be watching some tennis while I stitch...I did my 30minutes on the treadmill this morning....the hardest part is actually getting on it....once I am there it's easy! You have a great incentive for not buying fabric....a trip to Wales will be fabulous! Loved all the snow pics on Whitney's blog!

Ann said...

I am so impressed! You "found" time! I think that makes you a Timelord (watch out Dr Who!)

It was incredibly hot today. Our aircon really struggled. It was 43 here. (33 inside! Hot, but much cooler than outside!) I loved the Welsh snow pics too! The snow angel was my fav. How I wanted to be able to do that today!

Kris said...

No, that was me. Someone else had used my computer!

linéa said...

Wow! You have a lot really nice things going on. I have started a new project today,wonder when it will be finished. :-) Another UFO maybe.
Have a nice day and be careful with the heat.Would love to send you some snow if it was possible.

Fiona @ Dragonfly-Crafts said...

What a great way to look at your day Clare. I might just have to do the same. I have a lot of waiting time with kids and working from home. I should get off the computer and I'd could sew more.