Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Its official


(pronounced thick)

will commence on

September 4th



The Hiltons invade UK


loulee said...

Where in the UK? Any chance you'll pop over to the island?

Katy said...

London, right? You are going to London for a bit? We will meet up - I'll hunt you down if you don't say yes!!!!

Chookyblue...... said...

WOW how will you catch up with any long will you be there????

Lorraine said...

wow...the countdown will be here before you know it...don't know what happened to January and February.......!

whitney said...

yay im soo excited :D

OzRose said...

Bydew , beth alla ddeud? Amgen na ca da amsera dont bori pawb 'r cennin blwc ach 'na a dont bigo pawb 'r daffodils!

quiltygal said...

For ausrose

Fynd yn ol at eich hexagons ferch !!

South Australian Miniature Enthusiasts said...

LOL! 'n ddigrif beth 'r chyfieithiadau d i fyny fel!!! Mai pawb 'ch hexagons chordda i mewn i bord brethyn :)