Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Count Down........

is on..... 4 weeks now till we jet off to the Uk...still heaps left to do but I'll get there !!

No pictures at the moment although I did get another baby quilt top & 5 little quilts,for the Special Care Nursery at work, made this week.

I'll save the pics till they are quilted & bound.

Its been very cold here recently
so there has been a lot of this happening in the evenings

ummmm toasty feet :)


trash said...

Aaaaaaaaak! Your feet have been eaten by a pair of white things with big faces!

I don't think you are going to get those past Customs when you get to Heathrow ;-)

Lorraine said...

The four weeks will go quickly and you will be on your way...It has been cold lately....I think colder than last winter..or is it that I am getting older and feel it more??

linéa said...

:-) Very very cute and cosy. Yes, I'm back!!! :-o Got a date set yet? :-)

Frugal Life UK said...

cool slippers and I have a halogen heater just like yours, i use it when I'm desperate for some instant heat, which isn't often as it's not really cold here..........except last winter when it snowed heavily for the second time in my 45 years on this earth.