Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Ok so I've managed to load these pics up back to front but I'm not going to change them as its the 3rd time of trying!!
Anyway we have arrived safely after a long flight it was so lovely to see Whitney & Nathan again.
Our B&B is lovely its miles away from anywhere so its so quiet they have a couple of pygmy goats,2 cats & horses in the front field
The weather was very wet & windy for the first day but today we got some sun so had a good day castle visiting...

Day 2 visited Kilwelly Castle beautiful plenty of it left standing walked along the ramparts

Our first day visited Aberystwyth did some shopping & had a walk along the seafront

Outside our B&B

Kayla & I at Amsterdam airport

We are having a quiet day tomorrow having Whitney & Nathan up for lunch then waiting for my sister & family to arrive in the afternoon they are staying at the same B&B for the if I get time I'll load up some more pics


loulee said...

You got the traditional UK welcome then? LOL Wind and rain.
I hope the weather is nice for the big day and that all goes well.

Kris said...

What a fantastic building! (castle) Hope you have a great time!

OzRose said...

You all look well and having a good time. Pics are nice too :)
Rang Jeff and left a message. xx