Monday, November 1, 2010

I'm back!!!

Sorry for the big break
but I had no internet for the last week in the UK
& I slept most of the first week back
then when I tried to post I had trouble even getting into blogger
my computer needed something done with its cookies??
It was only tonight when the lightbulb went on ( takes me a while !)
"why not try posting on my notebook then??!!"
and voila!! here I am...
So the last 2 weeks away were spent visiting with family
I visited my last remaining Aunt ( my mums sister)
the last of 14 children!!

Here we all are with two of my cousins

My Cousins Elaine

and Tonya

Tonyas husband Brian made us chillie for dinner Sat night
when we had a get together with their children
a great boozy night had by all
(except me as I dont drink)

We then went down South again
& stayed with my niece Sally & her partner Keith & son Luke
they made us soooo welcome
& are planning a trip here next year
which I find most amazing that Keith would take that on
after being invaded by All the Aussie rellies one after another...
& Kayla is going back there for Lukes birthday on Nov 12th !!!
he must be a sucker for punishment !!

While away I went to see this stage show

If any of you like the music of Queen in any way at
& you get a chance to see this then go...
I went twice ...
once with Ben the first time we were in London
& once with Kayla the second time we went...
I would of made it 3 times if they were playing it on sundays
as I would of taken Whitney after visiting the rellies
but alas I suppose they have to have one day off...
Ben & I have already decided that if it comes anywhere in Aus we will be going
as I don't suppose it would get to Adelaide!!
So anyway enough of my chatting now
just wanted to check in & show my face
I am still on holiday back to work next monday
so this week is sewing time
I have decided that I have to finish some UFOs before I start anything else
So will be back soon with some fabric pics
& I'll tell you all about my meet with a fellow blogger??
till then
Happy sewing & I'm glad to be back


Leanne said...

Glad to see you made back to little old Adelaide.

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

Glad you're back. Now we can get this party started!

It looks like you had a great time. How will you ever settle back down to working?

Lorraine said...

Welcome home! Looks like you had a fabulous time away.....going back to work will be hard?? Will be great if some of the rellies can come visit with you here. looking forward to catching up soon....!