Tuesday, February 8, 2011


( the youngest)
has moved out of the house ....
But only into the back garden where we have a granny flat
so I was very courageous & ventured into the
"Bat cave"
as we have affectionately called it for the past 10 yrs...
it has seen 2 teenagers go through their heavy metal time
so at one point the whole of the room was covered in posters
& I do mean
ceiling as well

So I spent 2 days scraping bluetack sellotape & un-identified sticky patches off of the walls & paintwork..

Husband then spent 3 days painting (after work of course)

So I give you the transformation!!!

I would of taken before pics but I was too embarrassed


Lorraine said...

looks great...youo have quite the flair for decorating...... :)

Dawn said...

Fabulous bed... and at least she's not to far from mum..
hugs Dawn x x x

loulee said...

Not a bat cave anymore. I assume this one is a little more girly?

Shay said...

I REALLY wanted to see the before pictures!

Looking fabulous in the granny flat. Does this mean you have an extra sewing space inside now?

Leanne said...

It looks great and I would have understood the before photo. I would not put a picture of Lucas' bedroom up now.

OzRose said...

A room with flair!