Saturday, May 28, 2011

Back again...

So apologies for tardiness of blog posts

but sometimes I don't have anything to say!!....
I know that those who know me are now rolling on the floor laughing

but it does happen..
So kicking off todays missive

we have the wonderful news

the Dresden plates are all finished & ready to put together

I haven't any pics yet I'll save them for the next post.
So I now need another machine sewing project,

after a visit to the lovely Granny Loz

& a look at her Civil War quilt

I fell in love

(with the quilt not Loz although she is lovely )

so after a lot of drooling by me Loz loaned me the book.
I must admit that if I hadn't seen Loz's quilt

the pic on the front would not of inspired me to make it.

When we went to Carrickalinga for our girly stitchery weekend
I managed to find the material for it.
The first three were brought at Tricia's (no website)

for SA quilters/ Adelaide people she is opposite Castle Plaza South road.

We then called in at Patch-work online

which is at McLaren Flat & met the lovely Nicole.

This is mainly an on-line business
but if you let Nicole know when you are going past you can go visit.
I had looked on the website & picked out a Layer cake

of Barbara Brackmans Civil War fabric

but when I got to see it in person I wasn't too keen

on some of the colours

the blue in *real life* was more of a teal

so I ended up with some

Blackbird design Antique Fair much more to my taste.

A while ago I saw this book on the lovely

Leannes blog .

It instantly became a *must have*

This is my favourite bag in the book.

My BFF ausrose

is having a giveaway on her blog

so hop on over & leave a comment

Val is hosting a fund raiser for a programme she works for

It's to raise funds for a programme

which offers exercise & information

for women with Breast Cancer

so for Sa girls come along if you can

Shop, Sit, Sew and Soup Day
Location: Salisbury East Neighbourhood Ctr,

28 Smith Road, Salisbury East,

S Australia
Time: ‎10:00AM Saturday, June 25th

So back soon with some Dresden Plate love .

I am really happy with how these have turned out

but I will be wanting some input to the next stage....

Not sure why blogger is spacing this all different but it won't talk to me tonight :(


Shay said...

Im bag challenged so that book wont be making an appearance at my place any time soon ...but I hear it's a wonderful book so I may just have to stare at all the wonderful things you'll make from it.

Loz inspired me to make a CW quilt too . Hers is just so beautiful. Im sure yours will be just as pretty!

Im trying to work out a way to machine attach my Dresden centres because Im slack ...cant wait to see pictures of yours.

Kris said...

Same. I was inspired to make the CW quilt by seeing other's quilts. I was unimpressed with the one on the cover. Of course, despite the fact that I sat next to Loz in that class mine is yet to be completed! Shame I wasn't at her house with her when she did her homework! I love the fabrics you have chosen. It should be gorgeous!

I still cannot believe that Tricia's is actually there. I have never seen it despite that Spotlight there being my local for two years and driving past Castle Plaza twice a day for a school year. I'm off to Adelaide tomorrow and I might just drive past there for curiosities sake!

Lorraine said...

I thought you were being artistic with the spacing !! Looking forward to some pics of the Dresden plates....and nice that you have picked out the fabrics for your CW quilt....if I hadn't seen the quilt at Jane's I wouldn't have been inspired to make it either....but I am pleased with the way mine turned out.....I am bag challenged as well....would love to make them..and am always inspired when Leanne turns out yet another gem.....but......have to admit it...bags are not my "thing"....hey...I totally understand the whole "nothing to say" thing....I am missing from blog land a lot for just that reason.

Leanne said...

Still smiling here I thought you were being ever so clever with your spacing. You will love the book. I am trying to catch up here life has gotten in the way at the moment. Sorry I missed the sit and sew.