Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Etc etc etc ...

So I have been a really good girl no sewing taking things easy here at home

( due to Bursitis in my right sholder)

no major housework (thanks hubby)

so sad about that !!......

& after 8 weeks the result is ........

da da

Drumroll please

Bursitis in my left sholder as well as my right !!!!

So I am now sewing again only in short bursts

but this is medically necessary

( to stop me going stark raving mad !!)....

& I have just booked to go to

A weekend in creative company

with Gail Pan & Natalie Ross

at Country HArt in Port Pirie ....

I am going with the gorgeous & funny Granny Loz....

should be a real hoot.....

so no pics Im afraid ....

hopefully next time as I have sewed my Dresden plates together

& would of had the borders on if I could count !!

So I will leave you with a couple of random pics

First, my eldest daughter has a "Family leg"

It has a heart on it & a pair of scissors with a ribbon which is for me

her latest is for her Dad

their connection has always been with music

(she gets his music collection in the will)

so she had a spare moment the other day

& decided to tattoo this on her leg for him

Not everyones idea of a childs appreciation

but thats her thing after all :)

(lyrics from a Faith No More song)

This is my one :)

Next up is Youngest daughter

on her first day at her new job

she was working with me in the kitchen at the Hospital

but thanks to a couple of really nasty people her time there was not the happiest

But she has had the last laugh & got herself a receptionist
job which she loves ,so a much happier person all around...

Edited: yet again blogger is deciding on its own spacing !! Sorry about that....


Lorraine said...

Woo Hoo....Road trip!! Really looking forward to it.....! I thought the spacing was on purpose! sorry to hear you have bursitis in both shoulders...but you are nothing if not balanced!

Shay said...

Sorry to hear you've got dicky shoulders. Sounds diabolical if you cant spend hours sewing.

Love the tattoo pictures. Much more creative than a butterfly or dolphin!

And Im really happy for your other daughter. She looks wonderful all gussied up for work.

Leanne said...

How funny is that spacing. Well done 2nd daughter it is always good to stick it up um. Hope the shoulders are improving. Good to see your appreciated by daughter # 1.