Thursday, July 19, 2012

Tour de Fibre: post 7

Well no posts for a week ....naughty me but has been a really busy week here.
 I went to see a specialist on Monday about my shoulder & we have decided that an operation is the way to go, so am waiting to hear when I go in, it will only be day surgery but I will be home for 4-6 weeks so after the initial healing I am hoping to get some stitching done.
So, as I am still madly yo-yo-ing here there are no new pics of them so I will show you my newest piece of furniture which my husband has painted for me
I am going to use it to hold my Quilts.

I had to go to the Dentist this week (not my most favourite place) as I had broken a tooth,so as I was a good girl & didn't cry or hang onto the door frame ( as I did when a little girl ) I was allowed to have a treat at the local Quilt shop I brought some blue material for my Flowerdale & Berries & Bluebird borders & some Civil War, Battle Hymn, for a border on my Shoo Fly top.

When I got home I found this months parcel from Somerset Patchworks Civil War club, some yummy pieces in this lot.

 Am loving those greys.

So weekend off for me so maybe I will have some pics of progress for you all next time.
Hope everyone has a lovely weekend with some stitching time.


Houseelf said...

Good luck with the future op. I hope everything goes well.

What a lovely reward -fabric! :-)

Shay said...

Love the hitch Claire. Your quilts are going to enjoy their new home. Mr. Quilty did a great job with the painting.

Let me know if you want some GF DF meals made up for the freezer when you have that op done so you can just kick back and recover !

Shay said...

HUTCH ! I meant hutch !

Roseanne said...

Love you hutch. I hope you recover from you op fast and good luck.

Berglind Snæland said...

Loved your dentist story, could just picture myself as a little girl with so much stomach pain over the dentist! You really deserved the trip to the quiltstore :) - your cabin looks great and will look even better with some quilts in it. Good luck with your shoulder!