Thursday, July 12, 2012

Tour de Fibre post:6

Sorry for my absence the past couple of days but sadly life, work and visitors stopped me posting.
I managed to get the Flowerdale blocks sewn together, tried to get the best possible pic, bit windy. I am hoping to get to the shops in the next few days to get some border material I plan to use the same for my Berries and Bluebirds quilt same designer,same material used should hopefully work out well.

The yo-yos are growing slowly, not sure if I will have enough circles cut but am not planning on my version being as big as Kims, so will wait till these are all gathered before I cut any more.
Hope you can see the picture in the background the pattern is Welcome Wagon from Kim Diehls book Simple Graces.

And I will leave you with a proud Nana pic is he or is he not cute :) lol

Hope everyone has a great weekend with plenty of stitching time, I sadly am working so stitching time at a minimum, but might be able to sneak a little machine time in..


May Britt said...

Beautiful quilt!!

OzRose said...

Yeh! he's quite cute! lol love the suffolk puffs, cant wait to see you stitch them on!

Houseelf said...

Yes he is so so cute! Good luck with the yo yo making. I hope you get the perfect border to finsh the quilt top. It is beautiful.

Leanne said...

Lovely quilt and absolutely beautiful baby.

Berglind Snæland said...

Such a beautiful baby!! :)