Wednesday, October 31, 2012

YES I'm still here

Life has been very busy around here add to that they fact that I'm still not back to normal sewing after my op and news has been a bit thin on the ground ....I have also been busy supporting my
(second) Mum and Dad while they nursed their daughter ( my friend) Sallie at home till sadly her death 10 days ago. She had been diagnosed 12 weeks before with secondary Liver cancer so it was very swift at the end. She hung on to make her 50th birthday. So as you can imagine things have been a bit sad .... Her parents are blessed to have a great support, as her Mum is part of our Quilting Group, it"s true what they say about Quilters :)

Anyway some pics of what has been happening here....Some Sisters Choice blocks I am making from the Lilly and Will line by Bunny Hill

A more modern quilt that I made for my newest aquisition my lovely husband brought me a new car and I love it !!!

As you can see I decided to go for a very subtle restained colour !! Not going to be easy to miss me coming LOL

On my design wall at the moment are the Shoo-Fly blocks that I am making from the Battle Hymn line have made about 30 of them & have decided that they will be put On-Pointe may be adding some applique but will see how it looks when they are pieced together

We only have 4 weeks before the new Grandson arrives from The UK with my daughter and son-in-law we have been busy getting things ready here I have actually got some painting done in the house ...we are getting very excited can't wait to see them all.

So I think thats all for now hope it's not this long before the next post.

Till then happy stitching


OzRose said...

LOL! Welcome back, altho who am I to comment on that??? Sounding a tad 'older' today "grandson, daughter and son-in-law".... lol

Grit said...

I love the blocks on the first picture. The colors are so fantastic.
Liebe Grüße Grit

Shay said...

Of course the new car needs a new quilt.

I bet you're getting so excited about the visit from family. That grandson of yours is going to be so spoiled !

Roseanne said...

Sound like you have had it hard. I love your block. Lilly and Will fabric is just so nice. love the colour of your new car.

Berglind Snæland said...

Sorry for your loss Claire. Good to have you back! I love your new car's color!! Take care :)