Friday, January 11, 2013

Favourite Thing Friday

So finally managed to get Blogger to co-operate so I can make this actually on Friday ....

Linking up with the lovely & I may say extremely humerous Shay over at Quilting in my pajamas

My Favourite thing this week is a new POM....Pattern of the month

I had decided that this year,as every year really,I was going to finish all the half done things languishing in my sewing room so of course when I saw The Sugar Block Club on Amys Blog I leapt in & signed up !! Who could resist a block pattern/ instruction email plus recipe every month for under $8 Bargain so I emailed on Sunday got my first block email on Weds & sewed the block on Thursday

I recieved a lovely parcel from Santa ( AKA my hubby & Somerset Patchwork ) which included some 2inch Clamshell papers & template so I have been having a play with them as well ....Yes I know thats another new project but it was Christmas

Lastly a pic of my Niece with her Mr MaGoo made from a Melly & Me pattern & kit my girls gave her for Christmas she had a bit of help from her Nanny but did a lot herself

So Hope to manage to post more often this year & wishing everyone a Happy New Year & plenty of stitching time


Lorraine said...

New project(s)....sounds fair!

Leanne said...

I tidied my sewing room like you ................. I need to just work on what is hanging around in there. LOVE Magoo.

Shay said...

I love the idea of BOM’s and POM’s but we all know how well I did with with FW stuff (cough cough ) so Im going to be staying away from anything thats a long term commitment. You’re really good at that stuff though so Im sure you’ll excel . (PS: Thought “Girly Swot – has her homework done one day after it arrives- Show-off) But it does look lovely.

I want to do clamshells so bad but it looks like so much work ! Next time we get together you can show me how to do one and I’ll decide if it’s a good winter project to do in front of the telly!

Amanda said...

I always make the resolution that I am going to keep up with the Latest POM/BOM and never succeed, actually I have stopped signing up for them because it is to much pressure on myself and I have enough patterns to have my own shop. I actually sold one of my BOM last week to a friend who is going have to take it easy after surgery for 3 months so I am feeling pretty good that at least I have offloaded one.

Love the clam shells I am doing the Lancaster quilt have the centre block half finished a gazillion more hours to go.