Sunday, March 17, 2013

Busy weekend

Well I can't believe that another month has disappeared in a blink of an eye (or so it seems!!)......but at least I have something to blog about ...

The Friday Fabricholic decided to have a small roadtrip this friday as Val had found another fabric supply for us to support :).
Lyn runs her business from her home,she does shows and is quite happy for you to go and see her selection by appointment ....I guess I was expecting just a small amount of choice boy was I wrong!! she has all of Lynette Andersons new line and much much more.
Her pool table was covered in boxes of fat quarters,eighths,50cm width of fabric,books etc etc then there is a room set out like a Quilt shop with bolts. well worth a visit.
For Adelaide quilters she is just off Henley Beach rd the business is called Quilter Quarters so if you would like to visit call Lynette Buttfield on 0427618739...we even got morning tea..
This is the small selection I was tempted to buy, a few Civil war fats in pink and brown and yes before you ask I have got a project for them :) and a jelly roll
" Independence Trail" by Minick and Simpson and no I don't have a project for that..but the rule is that when you open a jelly roll you have to replace it on the shelf..or is that just in my house !!

Next is my TA DAH moment....... Yes Flowerdale is finally finished and up on the wall...I am so pleased with this,it looks lovely in the dining room really finishes the room off... so thanks once again to Gail Pan for a great pattern, now I have to tackle quilting Beries and Bluebirds !!

I am still toodling along with the Sugar Club blocks number 3 was a pleasure to do went together like a dream

unlike number 2 which was paper pieced and drove me nuts!! took me nearly all day and 2 centres to get it together, it's still a bit wonky but will have to do I'm sure it's nothing I can't work out when it comes to sewing it all together
Look forward to April 1st when we get number 4 and of course the yummy recipes that come with it

We had the Saturday girls get together here, so I baked a cake !! wasn't bad ...we had a great day lots of chatter,laughs and a little bit of sewing ...Love these days you feel so invigorated after all the problems of the World have been solved ...well mainly those in our little world but thats enough ... I think the company of other Quilters in so important you get friendship and support which I think is enough to keep you sane.

Now those of you who read this blog will know that I have been educating Seth in the art of Fabric selection by taking him to many Quilt shops.
We decided yesterday that it was time to move on to the next sstage so I now have an assistant cutter


No small child was injured in the taking of this photo..
Don't you love the concetration on his face he has played with this cutter ( without the blade!!) all week he loves it Little Quilter in the making :)

Hope your weekend was as fun-filled as mine I'm off for a cuppa and tidy up the sewing room make room for my new purchases.
Happy Quilting


OzRose said...

Hahahahaha and thats all! xx

Berglind said...

Wow, great weekend for you Claire! So nice to see that it doesn't matter on what site of earth you live... fabriholics are fabriholics!! :)
LOVE!!! your Flowerdale quilt, and the hanger.
Hope there won't be another month before your next blog, take care

ria vogelzang said...

Love the things you are up to! :))
What a great fabrics. And that beautiful pattern!
Great picture of little Seth. Who knows....maybe a future fabric-artist??!
Love, Ria.

Shay said...

Im a witness Claire to the fact that the rotary cutter was empty (if you need a witness!)

I think Seth is being exposed to so much fabric and quilting that he'll probably make his first quilt at about age 2 ! He is one gorgeous kid!

Fleur de Lis Quilts said...

What a cute kid! I'd say he looks perfectly safe. Your studio, however, is living on short just a few short months he'll own the place. Your quilt is beautiful. I had to click for a larger picture so I could get a better look. Those colors work so well together.

Anonymous said...

Golden Triangle Tour

Gillie said...

Gorgeous quilts! When does he get the ruler and mat, lol? Houston 2020 here comes Seth? Sorry, not sure of the ones Down Under!